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Office Cleaning

A clean office makes customers and employees safe from diseases, and provides a conducive environment for conducting business. We offer the best cleaning services.


Home Landscaping

Trendy Forbes ensures you get the best water features’ maintenance so that you don’t live in dump environment by improving drainage systems at areas of residence and maintain the outdoor living space.

We do land designs, add ornamental features and make them more attractive to you and the people around. We are committed to ensuring your land is ever green and the best place for a comfortable stay.


Fumigation & Pest Control

Pests cause destruction to property in the house and outside and some cause diseases, we help you keep your surrounding free of pests by fumigating areas  you live and make them safe.


Exterior/Windows Cleaning

The exterior of the house attracts people and shows how serious the organization is or the home is, at Trendy Forbes we clean the house and structure exteriors amazingly.

Window cleaning is an important aspect as cleaning the rest of the house , we provide window cleaning services that make your windows sparkling clean and attractive

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